How to create an account on the Proof-of-Love Metaverse?
1. Go to
2. Press any menu button.
3. Press SIGN UP.
4. Create and enter your Crypto Name.
Crypto Name Creation Rules:
5. The minimum name length is two characters. Use the alphabet of any language and any emoji. We do not recommend using more than eight characters.
What is a crypto name?

Crypto Name is your unique Nickname on the Proof-of-Love Metaverse. You can receive and send cryptocurrency by Crypto Name as easy as messages in a messenger.
6. Upload any photo from the device that will become your NFT-Password.
❗️Save the NFT-password photo file in a safe place. Never edit the file itself. Otherwise, it fails to be a password. The screenshot of the image will not work as a password.
Three Unique Digital Keys are created when uploading an NFT password: Fashion Coin, Bitcoin, Ethereum.
Save your Fashion Coin Private key in a safe place. It helps to restore access if you lose your NFT password. There is no way to restore access if you lose both your NFT password and Private key.
7. Check the box:
I agree to the terms of use.
8. Press SIGN UP.
How to: