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Ukrainian artists take over the Moscow Kremlin and launch a charity event in the Metaverse
Ukraine's top artists are launching a charity event in the Metaverse where they will be selling their art in the form of NFTs. The event starts on March 3rd and the organisers' aim is to raise money both for Ukrainian artists and to create a fund for those children born in Ukraine during this war (all those born after February 24). Proceeds of the event will be split 50/50 between these two causes.

The project "Proof of Love to Ukraine" will consist of artworks by more than 30 contemporary Ukrainian artists. The curator of the exhibition is Alisa Lozhkina, an art historian of Ukrainian origin based in San Francisco, California. She is a prominent Ukrainian art historian and art critic who has organised exhibitions of Ukrainian art in the world's leading museums. She has also written the first book on the history of contemporary art in Ukraine: "Permanent Revolution. Art in Ukraine. 20th to the early 21st Century."

The co-organizer of the exhibition is fashion designer Anna K, co-founder of the blockchain platform "Proof-of-Love", Forbes 30 under 30, based in Los Angeles, California. The project will be carried out in collaboration between Ukrainian and international charitable organisations.

Alisa Lozhkina says: "The aggression of the Russian Federation in Ukraine today is a humanitarian catastrophe in which the most vulnerable categories of the population suffer – children and the elderly. Our artists will not be left on the side-lines and they are ready to help Ukraine. Due to the current situation, they are deprived of more traditional ways of engaging with the public, and so this is why they are turning to the most modern technologies - blockchain, NFT and the Metaverse."

The exhibition presents an up-to-date view of Ukrainian contemporary art, created on the eve and after the start of the war. Today, all eyes are on Ukraine, and the artworks presented will convey her troubled history. While Ukrainians are experiencing something catastrophic, they have not lost hope. Many artists are at the forefront; some are creating art in bomb shelters, in between airstrikes, or in refugee camps. Their creations hold not only artistic value, but also document the times we live in. These are eyewitness accounts of the biggest European tragedy of recent decades.

"We understand the phrase 'Make Love, Not War' literally," says Anna K, " and we believe that supporting our children and artists is just that, a proof of love which will help support the future generations of Ukraine."

The artworks by Ukraine's best artists are already on view, and for sale, in the form of NFTs at:

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